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99 Articles from 2008

Joining Twitter and Goodreads, visiting an online friend, discovering Mass Effect.

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  1. December

    1. Wallpaper is karmically irresponsible
    2. Online/Offline is a false dichotomy
    3. I canna give her any more, cap'n!
    4. State of the nation
    5. Parliament takes a Kit-Kat break
    6. A Copenhagen interpretation of Canadian politics
    7. A Coalition Christmas: The Greatest Gift of All
  2. November

    1. Math hermit
    2. Mondays and Tuesdays are culture sinks
    3. Help me paint my bedroom!
    4. Give your heart some less than three
    5. Hate the hate
    6. Taking the initiative
    7. Never forget
    8. Stargate SG-1 seasons 9 and 10
    9. An argument for immersion
  3. October

    1. Censorship "Nazis"
    2. Bring me your written word!
    3. How I'll get through this government
    4. Everything (Will Be All Right)
    5. The afterglow of my first election
    6. This New Fangled Voting Thing
    7. Addicted to inventing the future
    8. My experience at a local debate
    9. Ack, I'm an elitist anglophone snob
  4. September

    1. My Digital Wish List
    2. More enthusiasm kplzthx?
    3. Man and Nature, Side by Side
    4. Ack, temporal displacement--not again!
    5. Break it down now
    6. Our pointy-haired economy
    7. I like Mondays
    8. Rap video about physics = BEST THING EVER
    9. Election-bound
    10. Bring out yer dead!
    11. Using a Wiimote to control iTunes
    12. Google Chrome, Part 2: All Your Base Are Belong to Google
    13. Google Chrome, Part 1: Polish that perspective
    14. Read Neverwhere online or download it for free
    15. I'll be voting for the first time, and I will not be voting for Stephen Harper
    16. It always sounds better in a British accent
    17. On attacking from Kamchatka
  5. August

    1. Yay for reading!
    2. Give me a beat, a bass line ... anything
    3. QWERTY? More like QWFPGJ!
    4. Trying out Digsby
    5. What a crazy world
    6. Shifty habits
    7. Read the diaries of George Orwell
    8. They're here
    9. Some villainy to brighten your day
  6. July

    1. Review of Stargate: Continuum
    2. The hypocrisy of age ratings
    3. It's all fun and games until your death ray explodes
    4. Why yes, that is Joss Whedon in my pocket...
    5. An incredibly bad idea
    6. Goodbye, Yahoo!
    7. This is your brain. This is your brain on books.
    8. A vexing matter of great concern
  7. June

    1. 30 hours sacrificed to the altar of Mass Effect
    2. I do not support the death penalty
    3. The normality of self
    4. This cookie controversy: wide open!
    5. Please remember to breathe
    6. Canadian Copyright: A Call to Arms
    7. Spark
    8. With a cherry on top
    9. Website redesign
  8. May

    1. Green is the new black
    2. Home sweet home
    3. Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!
    4. Today I saw dead bodies
    5. A triumphant return to Narnia
    6. Rhythm? What's that?
    7. To the market today
    8. Playing catch-up
    9. Welcome to Ohio
  9. April

    1. Deal of the 20th century?
    2. I am done
    3. Wisdom tooth turmoil
    4. 36 days: The countdown begins
  10. March

    1. Frakkin' pumped for season 4
    2. The tenuous nature of freedom
    3. It's that time again
    4. Contact
    5. Such a franchise junkie
  11. February

    1. Read American Gods online for free
    2. There must be magic
    3. Diamond Shreddies and Mini-Wheats
    4. New camera: FujiFilm FinePix A900
    5. Update on school
    6. Free stuff
    7. Responsibility
    8. How I got Twitter to work with TBayTel
    9. Have passport, will travel
  12. January

    1. Todoist: The solution to a problem
    2. Gmail + Thunderbird + IMAP = Wub
    3. Mr. Idaho. Surprised to see me?
    4. JPod and PVR