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Give me a beat, a bass line ... anything

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This is my third day of typing in Colemak. It's weird. At times I feel like I'm really getting it: my accuracy is great, my speed is better than I expected, I'm getting into a rhythm. Then I type a QWERTY-ism and all that progress disappears.

To learn I've been using Colemak lessons for TypeFaster. TypeFaster itself is a great program, and the lessons are helping. I like to use the typing test, because it uses a large variety of random sentences that better gauge my speed. In addition to the lessons, I've been typing mostly in Colemak, interspersed with some QWERTY to keep me in practice.

This has been a learning experience in more ways than one! Until now, I have taken my typing speed for granted--it is so ingrained in me that its just a skill I use, like reading. I never really understood how frustrating it must be for those without typing skills to use a computer--one skill totally changes how one can interact with technology. I'm used to being able to type almost as quickly as I can think. On the other hand, this new perspective will likely improve my communication skills. I'm ordinarily verbose, and part of that is because my speed allows me to express myself more quickly than a slower typist. Right now, I'm inclined toward brevity, which can be a good thing! It's still frustrating, though--hence the title. I'm in the mood where I need some good hard rock with a beat. Or, you know ... Mozart's K-271, Piano Concerto No. 9 in E-Flat ... that works too.

My Colemak WPM: 30. QWERTY WPM: 100.

And so I continue!