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Headshot of me with long hair, pink lip stick, light makeup Kara Babcock

Copyediting & Stylistic Editing

Let me make your writing shine.


I am available for hire on a freelance basis for copyediting and stylistic editing. These steps happen towards the end of the writing process. I don’t currently offer structural editing services (feedback on earlier drafts to improve the piece as a whole).

Types of Editing

Ensures correct grammar, consistency, accuracy, and adherence to a given style manual. This helps you avoid embarrassing typos and mistakes.
Stylistic editing
One step up from copyediting, this improves clarity, coherence, and flow through minor changes at the sentence and paragraph level.

What I Edit

I’m open to other projects if you don’t see yours listed above!


I usually charge a rate per-page or per-word based on the length and type of document and scope of work required. For example, copyediting a website or a couple of blog posts is usually less intensive than an academic essay.

Contact me with more information about your project, and I will give you a quote!

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