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  1. Cover image for Review of Into Light

    Review of Into Light


    This week in my English class, we were discussing representation in media. We looked at the concept along several axes, including, of course, gender and gender diversity. I used the representation of trans people in media as an opportunity to discuss the impact of misrepresentation. For the end of the lesson, I wanted to show students an example of how representation can be used to fight back. I needed it to be shorter than…

  2. Cover image for But I’m a good person

    But I’m a good person


    This blog post is not about the death of the queen, though the bad hot takes on social media are the inciting incident. This is a blog post about white supremacy and white fragility and the fallacy that you can be progressive without feeling uncomfortable about your whiteness or doing a damn thing towards actual change.

    Don’t Speak Ill of the Dead

    Last Thursday, Queen Elizabeth died, and the internet lost its collective mind. Suddenly,…

  3. Cover image for Making friends

    Making friends


    Why are the things we want most sometimes the toughest to obtain? Now, finally, some traction.
  4. Cover image for Baby needs a new pair of shoes

    Baby needs a new pair of shoes


    Not actually about shoes but rather the need for radical collective action. All of us deserve more than just survival. We deserve luxury too.

Showing 1 to 10 of 667 results