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32 Articles from 2011

In which I was very into voting for the Hugo Awards.

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  1. December

    1. How I read so much
    2. More on math from Margaret: Arithmetic should be boring
    3. Student teaching, come and gone
  2. October

    1. Learning to look past my privilege and listen
    2. Why Wente is wrong about math education
  3. September

    1. Why I love math
  4. August

    1. Tying the knot with Ubuntu
    2. Updated my “About Me” page
    3. I am bereaved: rest in peace, my cat Marble
    4. Now the summer begins
    5. OMG, one more Hugo post
  5. July

    1. OMG, Hugo novellas! (Novellae?)
    2. OMG, Hugo novelettes!
  6. June

    1. I have the power
    2. OMG, Hugo short stories! (2011 edition)
    3. Stalk my reading even more intensely!
  7. May

    1. Good books and a sleepy conscience
    2. On the demise of Stargate Universe, or: What the hell, Syfy?
    3. Now we process our feelings
  8. April

    1. I'm at it again!
    2. I kind of want a tablet--in 3 years
    3. My father was a nondeterministic polynomial-time algorithm
  9. March

    1. Next year I kind of enter the adult world
    2. Is that a heterotopia in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?
  10. February

    1. Stage-managing the most popular one-person show
    2. Your Internet may be monitored for quality control purposes
    3. Android Rocks My World, Part 1: Gmail, Twitter, and social networking
  11. January

    1. Submission to the legislative committee on Bill C-32
    2. I can haz conference?
    3. We interrupt your irregularly-scheduled blog posts
    4. The federal government hates blind people and web designers
    5. Top 10 best and worst books I read in 2010