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Socialized male

In which I talk to my cis allies about my personal take on the idea that I was socialized male and what that means for my lived experience as a woman.

Queerness as context

Knowing I was ace didn’t automatically mean I identified as queer. It took me years of learning (and unlearning) to embrace the larger community.

Ratings are not recommendations

A caveat lector for those who enjoy my reviews: sometimes new information comes to light that changes my opinion of books or authors I’ve regarded highly in the past.

Pride isn’t up for debate

When we allow elected representatives to debate recognizing Pride Month and symbols, we send a message that 2SLGBTQ+ people’s rights are up for debate.

The childhood I didn’t have

Wearing a dress to prom. Figuring out my style over decades instead of a year. Seeing myself represented on TV. Not having to go through the wrong puberty.

These are just some of the experiences from the childhood I didn’t have.

Today is the International Day of Pink, a…


Don’t get too excited: it’s just knitting pics.