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I read, write, code, and knit.

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What's in a name?

About a month after coming out, I wrote a post about why I chose the name Kara. Today I am excited and happy to announce that, courtesy of the Government of Ontario, my name is now legally Kara Doreen Rose Babcock.

My middle names, Doreen and Rose, are the…


A quick reminder to cis allies about how small words of affirmation have an outsize importance on the lives of your trans friends.

Review of Disclosure

I don’t remember the first time I saw a transgender person portrayed on screen. Probably my first memory of someone crossdressing is Mrs. Doubtfire, a movie which, like so many movies in our childhood, I enjoyed as a kid and now look back up with a cringey awareness of…

When they come for you

I largely try to stay out of "discourse" on social media these days, and coming out is not going to change that. But for the record…

Being trans-inclusive takes work

An example of how easy it can be not to include trans people, and some practical tips on how you can do better.


Don’t get too excited: it’s just knitting pics.