Kara Babcock

I read, write, code, and knit.

About Me

The Elevator Pitch

I’m Kara (Car-uh), a 32-year-old teacher in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. Currently, I teach math and English at the Lakehead Adult Education Centre, where adults can earn their Ontario Secondary School Diploma. In my spare time, I mainline books like they’re an illicit drug. I knit. I spend way too much time online. Occasionally I say something interesting. I’m aromantic, asexual, and transgender. My pronouns, incidentally, are she/her.

Name Policy

Unless otherwise noted, you should call me Kara and use she/her pronouns, even when referring to events prior to my transition.

My old name (often called a “deadname”) is still fairly evident online, but that doesn’t mean you should use it.

Here’s an example: my wonderful podcast my best friend and I produce has older episodes that use my deadname. I’m not taking those down, and I want you to share them. But when you do, you could say something like, “here’s an episode of Kara and Becky’s podcast from before Kara transitioned.” That’s how you refer to me using my current name even though the item in question contains my deadname.

There is literally no reason you should need to address me by my deadname or use that name to refer to me when talking about me to someone else. Doing so will be a red flag and might result in me ignoring you (at best).

Where I’m From

I was born and raised in Thunder Bay, a settler on the lands of the Anishinaabeg of Fort William First Nation and the Robinson–Superior Treaty of 1850.

I earned an Honours Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics and a Bachelor of Education degree, with a double minor in English and philosophy, from Lakehead University. After I graduated in 2012, I taught math and English in England for two years.

I’ve maintained a continuous online presence since March 2004, when I taught myself HTML and put my first site online at Geocities. Since then, I’ve learned a host of other skills and languages, from PHP and MySQL to, most recently, Python and the Flask framework. This has always been a hobby to me; I’m not a professional programmer or web developer by any means. But I’m proud of what I can do.

Where I’m Going

Three years ago, I bought a house. I thought that would be the last big, eventful thing that happened to me for a while. That was naive.

Since then I’ve made some wonderful friends (yay) and strengthened other friendships. I broke my elbow (ouch). And then I realized, at 30 years old, that I am transgender. So that was (is) a whole thing.

Hence, the next few years of growth are going to revolve around how my gender expression is changing to match my identity. It’s going to be interesting. Stay tuned.