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We interrupt your irregularly-scheduled blog posts

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This term I'm taking Philosophy & the Internet. Appropriately, it is online; more appropriately, part of our evaluation will be based on how we use an online service--be it a blog, YouTube channel, Facebook page, etc.--to respond critically to four of the weekly readings of our choice. Since I already have a blog, and I'm lazy, I'm just going to use this one. I thought I should make a post about it first, in part so that other people reading this know what's going on, but mostly because I don't want the "philosophy 2715" tag to be empty when I post a link to it on Moodle.

Now, since I like discussing the Internet and technology in general, and I have been known to apply the occasional philosophical eye to previous posts, this will not be strange fare. The format might be slightly different, and I will be referring to things we have discussed in class to which my wider audience will not be privy. You should have registered for the course, suckers.

I'll likely start posting in two and a half, three weeks, once we start talking about capitalism and the Internet and online surveillance. Until then, here is a topical lolcat while you wait:

A cat in repose with a paw on its chin. Captioned: