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Ben Babcock

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15 Articles from 2017

  1. December

    1. This year I learned: friendship is a verb
  2. October

    1. Star Trek: Discovery is #NotMyStarTrek
  3. September

    1. Star Trek: Discovery's premiere was its Kobayashi Maru
  4. August

    1. Racist op-eds need to stop, kthxbai
  5. June

    1. One key fewer
    2. Code fatigue and an amateur dilemma
    3. I bought a house
  6. May

    1. Travelling is not my favourite thing
  7. February

    1. We are not Sheldon Cooper
    2. Let's stop policing the language of sex and romance
    3. The value of looking beyond romance
  8. January

    1. Some thoughts on Hidden Figures, the movie
    2. Reading goals for 2017
    3. Best Books of 2016
    4. What are your blindspots?