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15 Articles from 2016

Critical reflections on education, algorithms, and some lighter fare in knitting.

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  1. November

    1. An Open Letter to My MP Concerning the Pipeline Approval, and Other Matters
    2. Sharing the knitting knowledge
  2. August

    1. What's the point of education?
    2. Entrelac is my new favourite thing
  3. June

    1. When they speak
  4. May

    1. Exploring Self and Identity Through Short Stories
  5. April

    1. Surprisingly good television these days
    2. Algorithms are not the answer
  6. March

    1. My first exploration expedition: success
    2. Boldly going forward, because I can't find reverse
  7. February

    1. The Big Bang Theory and cultural appropriation
    2. Are we human or are we dancer?
  8. January

    1. Getting back in the game
    2. And we're back!
    3. Happy New Year!