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19 Articles from 2015

In which I start blogging seriously about education.

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  1. October

    1. On being skeptical, politely
    2. When we tolerate intolerance, people die
  2. September

    1. Lessons learned from knitting a blanket
    2. An open response to the Snapfish account deletion email
    3. These are the moments that mean something
  3. August

    1. A knitting update
    2. My weekend failing to upgrade to Windows 10
  4. July

    1. That time I made a music video
    2. I wish it were #NotMyCanada, but it is, so let's talk
  5. June

    1. Report cards are not the problem here
    2. Trends I'm sensitive to in current science fiction
  6. April

    1. An open response to “Teachers have no right threatening education”
    2. On binge-watching
    3. Fighting CryptoWall on Windows XP: caltrops, scorched earth, and triage
  7. March

    1. Modelling epidemics to learn about probability
  8. February

    1. You should watch Haphead
    2. Haters gonna hate: we need Ontario's new sex ed curriculum
    3. The problem with teaching STEM
  9. January

    1. Just K1, P1 for 1115 days