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Articles from September 2015

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  1. Lessons learned from knitting a blanket

    Published (Updated )

    So, recently I blogged about my friend Cassie getting married. I gave Cassie and Marian a knitted blanket for their wedding gift (I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t spoiling this fact before I wrote this blog post!). It’s my first full-size blanket, and I am so impressed with it I’m not even going to attempt false modesty, OK?

    The patchwork blanket, laid out on my couch

    Look at that. Gorgeous.

    Prior to this I knit a baby blanket, which…

  2. Dear Snapfish,

    This is an open response to your email of September 14, 2015, in which you ask me to buy something from you to keep my account open:

    To keep our promise of unlimited, free photo sharing and storage, we ask our customers to make at least one purchase every 12 months. To keep your Snapfish account open, please place an order by October 14.

    You even helpfully include a link to “special offers”…

  3. These are the moments that mean something

    Published (Updated )

    As I write this, I’m very sore, because I spent several hours last night dancing. I had the privilege and honour of not just attending the wedding of my friend Cassie but of being in her bridal party.

    I’m starting to get the hang of this wedding thing, I think.

    Cassie is one of my oldest and bestest friends. Although there was a lapse during our childhood after I moved across town, we reconnected at…