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Articles from October 2015

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  1. On being skeptical, politely


    At lunch today I was talking with a colleague. She’s cool; I really respect her attitude towards pedagogy and also like her as a person. But our conversation on the environmental dangers of cows led us to talking about lab-grown meat, which then led to a discussion of whether food grown in a lab is any better or worse for someone than food grown in a farm. And my colleague mentioned that she thought the…

  2. When we tolerate intolerance, people die


    So I came home tonight from a long night at work, only to see Twitter full up about the shooting at a Umpqua Community College in Oregon. My initial reaction was weariness—I was tired, already not in a great mood, and here there was yet another mass shooting.

    My second reaction was anger.

    I’m angry that a country where this happens would dare to utter the hypocrisy that it is the “greatest country on Earth”…