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Articles from January 2016

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  1. Getting back in the game


    I don't make New Year's resolutions, but if I did, one of them would be to blog more often. I fell out of the habit last year because I was so focused on finishing my new blog platform. Now that I'm using it, I really don't have any excuse. Look how many posts I've squeezed into January! February should hopefully be even better.

    Aside from the rash of depressing celebrity deaths, this month has been…

  2. And we're back!


    In my previous post, I mentioned that I was moving my website—well, all my websites—to a VPS, a Virtual Private Server. I’m pleased to announce that the transition is complete. In about a week, I moved over all my various software installations. Indeed, I even upgraded some shamefully old versions. And, as I mentioned previously, I have replaced my old blog script with a new blog written in Python/Flask.

    Why I Moved

  3. Happy New Year!


    It has been too long since I blogged! This lapse isn’t the result of any one thing so much as a variety of factors. Mostly I’ve been reluctant to blog because of how frustrated I am with my blogging platform—a bespoke PHP script I made years ago. I have been plugging away at various replacements over the past few years, first in PHP, and then in Python.

    Finally the replacement is almost ready. I’m writing…