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Headshot of me wearing red lipstick Kara Babcock

Happy New Year!

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It has been too long since I blogged! This lapse isn’t the result of any one thing so much as a variety of factors. Mostly I’ve been reluctant to blog because of how frustrated I am with my blogging platform—a bespoke PHP script I made years ago. I have been plugging away at various replacements over the past few years, first in PHP, and then in Python.

Finally the replacement is almost ready. I’m writing this post in it, although when I publish this, you’ll be reading it on the old platform still. (I have to make a few more tweaks before I can do the switchover.)

So, look in this space soon for:

  • My best/worst books of 2015!
  • I got a new laptop, and it’s awesome!
  • I’m moving the site to a VPS and will blog about that!

Stay tuned.