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1 Article from January 2015

  1. Just K1, P1 for 1115 days

    I taught myself continental style last week, mostly on a whim.

    I can say things like this, because I have become fairly proficient at knitting. See, today marks exactly three years since I learned how to knit.

    Learning to knit changed my life. I never saw it coming. And since I started learning, I have never stopped.

    So, why the continental style? I’m working on a second pair of Newfoundland mitts, as a request from a coworker at the Adult Education Centre, and the first step is to do 7 cm of ribbing. Ribbing is not difficult, but the constant shift from knit to purl can be annoying and is one of the things I am still quite slow at; while I was working on this, I happened to come across an article on a knitting blog comparing styles. It claimed that continental, among other things, is faster at ribbing (I know, I know, continental knitters—you think continental is faster at everything). Until now, I’ve always been satisfied with knitting English—but I’m also interested in expanding my knitting skills. Plus, the article made a compelling point in favour of mastering both styles: you can switch between them to…

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