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Headshot of me with long hair, pink lip stick, light makeup Kara Babcock

16 Articles from 2021

Transition during a pandemic and reflections on friendship and pop culture.

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  1. October

    1. Changing my mind about Star Trek: Discovery
    2. Friendship, but in high fidelity
    3. Yes, whiteness makes you less marginalized even when you’re trans
  2. August

    1. The audacity of coming out
    2. Neither angels nor demons: it’s time we stop treating teachers as exceptional
    3. One issue is many
  3. June

    1. Socialized male
    2. Queerness as context
  4. May

    1. Ratings are not recommendations
    2. Pride isn’t up for debate
  5. April

    1. The childhood I didn’t have
  6. March

    1. Not like other girls: Why I am proud to be visibly trans
    2. Review of Moxie
    3. Femininity is my jam
  7. February

    1. Fearless: My 1st anniversary of transition
  8. January

    1. Feeling sexy