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28 Articles from 2013

Living and teaching in England and a lot of pop culture.

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  1. December

    1. Panto, panto, pantomime!
  2. November

    1. Thoughts on The Day of the Doctor
    2. Desert Bus for Hope 7 is on
  3. October

    1. October is for thanksgiving, November for anticipation
  4. September

    1. It was my birthday and I didn't blog even if I wanted to
  5. August

    1. Cutting the iTunes cord
    2. NSA doesn’t need to tap the wires to see your passwords
    3. Assassin’s Creed III and the delicate equilibrium
    4. Five years of uninterrupted book reviews
  6. July

    1. Universal fat jokes, Doctor Who will be everywhere, and apparently the Internet is no longer for porn
    2. Home for the summer
    3. Have you got “swag”?
    4. Science is awesome in this week’s link roll
  7. June

    1. Protest by reading seems about my speed
    2. Things I wish I had done or seen
    3. Hugo-nominated short stories, 2013 edition
    4. Books and tea make for a good week
  8. May

    1. This season of Doctor Who has disappointed
    2. My top 11 Buffy the Vampire Slayer episodes
  9. April

    1. Moving house
  10. March

    1. Thoughts on Amazon buying Goodreads
    2. New design
    3. Playing host to herpes zoster
  11. February

    1. On viewing and “sharing” media in the digital age
  12. January

    1. The infinite majesty of the snow day
    2. Goodbye, Grandma
    3. You can go home again
    4. Top 10 best and worst books read in 2012