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1 Article from October 2013

  1. October is for thanksgiving, November for anticipation

    It’s Halloween, and it’s the half-term, and I realized I haven’t actually updated my blog in over a month.

    I’m sitting here with my head feel like a trainwreck for the second time this autumn. Colds are not my friend this year. Stress has run down my immune system to an unacceptable level, and between that and Twitter’s decision to stick large images in my feed, I am not happy.

    Having a week off to catch up on my reading and knitting? Now that, I’m happy about. My Australian teacher-friend Sam came over to watch a Star Wars marathon with my roommate and her daughter. Sam had never seen any of the Star Wars movies before! So we made her watch the original trilogy and closed that gap in her cultural education.

    Anyone who begrudges teachers these week-long breaks should think twice, if the large, heavy box of marking sitting in my room is anything to go by. I have been chipping away at it all week. Don’t get me started on planning.

    Rather than dwell on circumstances I can’t really control, here are some things I’m looking forward to:

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