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Help me paint my bedroom!

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It's already been over a year since we moved into our new house. Since moving in, although I've been very happy with my room on the whole, I have wanted to do three things: get new curtains, get rid of the wallpaper, and paint the white walls.

Classes end next week, and my exams are over by December 12, which gives me a nice break before the start of next term. This is a perfect opportunity to paint my room. I need to do it soon, too, because I've already run out of space to shelve my books--and once I put up more shelves, they are never coming down.

Over the course of this year and a month, I've adjusted to the curtains. I asked one of my coworkers (who is an artist, so I figured she could suggest some good colours) what I should do with the room, and she said she liked the wallpaper. It's certainly not Mario wallpaper((For those of you who don't stalk me, I used to have Super Mario wallpaper on one wall of my room in my old house.)) ... but then again, if I don't tear it down, I only have to paint three walls, and I don't have to take down one set of shelves. :shifty:

So I'm asking for your help with these two questions:

  • Should I keep the wallpaper or tear it down?
  • What colour should I paint my walls (bearing in mind your answer to question 1)?

I'm not very good with colour, so I appreciate any suggestions you have, whether it's just a word or if you link me to a specific ID number or swatch. Here are some recent photos of my room so you can get an idea of how everything is laid out:

My TV, bookshelf, and the hideous wallpaper

My bed, against a stark white wall.

My wardrobe and the door to my room.

My desk area, other shelf, and windows