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An incredibly bad idea

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Light bulb fixture

I wish I knew who did this so I could nominate him or her for a Darwin award. This is what I found when I had to change a light bulb in one of the pot lights above the front desk at work. The light bulbs are standard; the fixture is recessed. So someone came up with this brilliant idea to avoid having a recessed bulb. Take a look at the design! It's actually two pieces screwed together. And it's discoloured at the bottom--that can't be good.

What's with all the outlets on it? One of my coworkers jokingly suggested it was for plugging in disco balls (the building dates to the seventies). I'm not an electrician (I shudder to think what an electrician would do upon seeing something like this), but that can't be to code. I wonder what will happen if a building inspector ever discovers this.

The label is a barcode with 7 digits (phone number?) and "Mexico" on it....