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Todoist: The solution to a problem

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My to do list

I have a lot of projects going on all at once. I'm coding VSNS Lemon, trying to code another site, managing a couple of other sites, trying to redesign this site, doing support at InvisionFree/ZetaBoards--and that's just in my free time. I've also got school and work to balance. So time management is a big deal for me. Unfortunately, I'm the sort of person who, instead of doing the things on his to-do list, spends his free time finding shinier ways of creating to-do lists.

Now my hunt is over. Today I came across the neatest little site for making to-do lists, and I am very satisfied. Todoist is an excellent example of how one person can turn a personal need into a useful service. I did something similar when I first made VSNS Lemon, although on a smaller scale. Since I don't have the time to create a task management application, I'm very glad Todoist exists.

The interface makes use of well-designed JavaScript to be both flexible and intuitive. There's keyboard shortcuts, but most of the functionality is obvious, so you don't have to worry about getting lost. The best part, though, is how you can organize your tasks. Not only can you group them into projects, but you can group them into multiple sub-projects, organize tasks into hierarchies within a project, add non-task type notes to your tasks--basically, you can organize everything precisely how you want it to represent your task structure. :hyper: Since I have multiple unrelated projects going on, this is what made my day.

Getting it set up was really easy. I registered and was able to start immediately. I did watch the screencasts, and they were helpful, but not totally necessary to using the site.

Hopefully now that I have Todoist, I can keep track of what I need to do and use my time more efficiently. Less time spent saying, "Gaaah, I have so much to do!" at least. :D