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With a cherry on top

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Not every day can be awesome--if it were, our standards would inevitably just rise to redefine the level of "awesome" required to indeed be awesome. It reminds me of that scene Gattaca, in which the corporate head honcho discusses how they can "measure" human potential. The innocent hero asks, "And what if they exceed their potential?" And head honcho replies, in the coldest and most calculating tone, "No one exceeds their potential. If they do, it simply means we did not measure it accurately in the first place." For me, that was the most chilling moment of the movie.

Yet I digress. Not every day can be awesome. And not every day can be terrible. Some days are mediocre. Some days are gloomy. Some days are better than average. Today (or rather yesterday, I guess) was better than average--with a cherry on top.

It was nice outside, so I took this reprieve from the rain as a chance to walk down to Hillcrest Park and read for a little. The wind picked up, however, and the bugs were especially bad, so I didn't stay as long as I could have. When I got home, I did some housework and worked a bit on my latest project. Then at five I went out to the Keg to meet a couple of my coworkers. After some of them left, my coworker Danielle invited myself and the other two remaining people back to her house, since we weren't really ready to go home yet. So we spent a couple of hours hanging out and talking. It was pleasant. And as someone who doesn't socialize as much as he perhaps should, I had a good time and enjoyed myself--I really like those three particular coworkers, of course. :D So that may have something to do with it.

But what about the cherry on top? On my way to Danielle's house, I turned on the radio, and there was the song! The song whose name I had been trying to find for about a year and a half now--not trying very hard, mind you, but it's been in the back of my mind. The trouble is, I only new one line of the lyrics: "Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo." Helpful, huh? :P

So I was pretty pleased with the Serendipity Department of the universe tonight for giving me that song--"Semi-Charmed Life" by Third Eye Blind. I have another Third Eye Blind song, "Never Let You Go," and it occurs to me that I enjoy their music. So instead of buying "Semi-Charmed Life" on iTunes, I'm going to buy the entire album.

Actually, I just went to to see if I could buy it online there, and they aren't selling products online anymore. :'( Don't they know I love to shop online?! Don't they know that I don't want to go to their puny store in our puny mall and try to find what I want from their puny collection? You know what this means, right? It means I'm going to ...

lowers voice Amazon

Actually, it means I'm going to Chapters, because they are Canadian and they have the album I want for a cheaper price than Amazon. I like buying from Canadian companies (although if Amazon had it cheaper I would buy from them). Chapters in particular has always been very good to me. Once their sale starts next week, I am going to go and buy several books I've been meaning to buy. They sent me a very nice coupon in the last book I ordered online (The Gum Thief trade paperback, by Douglas Coupland), and then today in the mail I got a catalogue/newsletter thingy with another coupon or two.

Yeah, I have an addiction to books. I have a problem. So what? :fear: