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Update on school

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This is mostly for my dad, who has been bugging me about how I'm doing in school but doesn't understand that I feel more comfortable writing about such matters in front of several million strangers instead of actually talking out loud about it to a parent. :r Curse you, modern society!

I have one more day to go, and then we've got Reading Week. It's our version of "spring break" for universities. I don't have anything special planned. I just want to enjoy the time off. I'll read, work on my own stuff, try not to think about school ... :D And work, of course. Work has been very hectic this month. I've had a lot of extra shifts added to my calendar as the month progressed, special event type shifts which can be stressful because of their unusual times and the amount of preparation we have to do (like cleaning, moving tables, etc.). I hope March calms down.

When it comes to school, this is midterm season. I only have three classes in which I have midterms, however. My sociology midterm is this week; it's online, so I can do it anytime from today until Saturday night. The catch is that you only get 60 minutes once you log in, and you can't log in twice. So first I will study, then I'll do the test ... I did well on the last midterm, so this one should go okay too. My calculus midterm is March 3. In discrete math we've got four midterms because the professor broke up each midterm into two different tests. I like this system better, since it means you have to study less for each test. So my next test is March 7.

My first of two English essays was due today. It was pretty easy, just a close reading of Sonnet 138. There's one other, slightly longer essay due at the end of the term, but otherwise I just have to read enough that I can talk about our course material when I get to the final exam. :D

Rhetoric (online) is almost as easy as composition was! Actually, I'm getting better marks in this class than I did with composition--it's the same professor, as the two courses rather go together. He's a hard but fair marker, so when I say "better marks", I mean one or two more marks. So I am doing very well in that class and have no worries about it.

So that's how my schooling is going, Dad. Now all of you, stay tuned for a post later today about my shiny new camera. ^_^