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It's all fun and games until your death ray explodes

Act three of Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog is up. You can watch all three acts until midnight July 20. Go do it. Right now.

I've got mixed feelings about act three. As I write this, it's only been up for about an hour and a half, so fan reaction is still formulating. A lot of people are angry. I can see how act three seems like a let down after the first two acts. Now, this may just be major denial on my part, but I think Joss planned it that way.

A supervillain musical isn't something you see every day. Instead of casting Dr. Horrible as the straight antagonist and villain, he has made him a villainous protagonist. We actually root for him; we want him to get the girl. But having him succeed in his evil plans and getting the girl would blow our suspension of disbelief out of the water--Penny's character doesn't allow that. So the ending is the only natural way for the plot to conclude (if it is a conclusion).

The saddest scene for me, however, was not the one at the climax after the explosion of the death ray causes you-know-what (if you don't know what, I won't spoil it for you--go watch!). Instead, it was when Penny was sitting in the laundromat, with two frozen yogurts ... alone. It just said so much. She missed Billy too. She had come to enjoy his companionship. Later, we get the sense she's becoming disillusioned with Captain Hammer's act. Billy (not Dr. Horrible) was a real guy, with weaknesses and charming traits. He liked frozen yogurt.

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog is an amazing technical accomplishment. Produced independently, funded privately by Whedon himself, and through the efforts of very dedicated people, we've got a great quality production. It won't appeal to everyone,((Two words: supervillain musical)) but what does?((Sliced bread?)) Plus, Joss has a legion of sleeper fans out there, ready to eagerly partake in his latest creations. He's like some sort of television chef, preparing succulent dishes. Each one is unique, but they all carry a certain flavour that is Joss' trademark style.((Okay, I'm getting a bit hungry now....))

Joss Whedon's next big project will be Dollhouse on Fox (hopefully they won't cancel this one after 12 episodes...), including Buffy and Angel actors Eliza Dushku and Amy Acker. I'm excited. It'll be a new premise, with new stories and stakes, but the writing style will be Joss', which means lots of humour and lots of action-packed fun.