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JPod and PVR

I had a very good day today. Everything just seemed to go well. Sure, there were some rocky moments--I got stuck behind a tow truck trying to hoist a vehicle on two separate occasions--is that weird or what? But I won't let that ruin the rest of the good moments.

If you come up to a group of people waiting outside a room, don't assume they're waiting because the door is locked. Until you actually try the door yourself, you don't know it's locked--maybe the first person to show up didn't try it, and people just followed along. That's what happened today at my English class. I've learned this lesson before, however, so I tried the door--and it was unlocked. I turned on the lights, and the rest of the class followed me in. Now all we need are textbooks.

I had a pleasant lunch with my dad, then I submitted my passport application. ^_^ The person at the passport office told me that everything was in order, so I'll get my passport in a couple of weeks when they do their next mail-out. :w00t: Since we're already required to travel to the U.S. with a passport if we fly, and we'll soon have to do the same if we drive (currently you only need a birth certificate and photo I.D. if you drive, but that will change soon), I figure it's prudent to get my passport as soon as possible.

We got PVR! My dad and I bought a new Toshiba HDTV for the living room on Saturday, and today my brother and I set up the PVR box. We got it working literally just as JPod premiered on the CBC. For those of you not up on your Canadian content, JPod is a novel by Douglas Coupland, who is a superb author. JPod, the spiritual sequel to his earlier Microserfs, is about a core group of employees at a fictitious computer game company. They're a work pod (the "JPod") and spend most of their time fooling around instead of doing actual work. The main character's mom runs a marijuana grow-op from her basement. Tim, a rather shady character, attempts to intimidate her for money, only to trip and electrocute himself in a puddle of water. So Ethan, the main character, must help his mom dispose of that body. Only it's never quite so simple. That's the reason I love JPod. It's irreverent, funny, sarcastic, and it's light-humoured sometimes, but very dark at others. I can't wait to see how the series compares--Douglas Coupland is writing and producing, so I have high hopes. The first episode covers from the beginning until when Ethan brings one of his workers over to his apartment (the new girl, Katelyn, who just wants to get out of JPod) only to find that his brother has set up a number of illegal immigrants there. . . . Joy!

PVR is way awesome. The whole pausing/rewinding TV is a very attractive option. Now all we need is our new TV to arrive, and we can actually begin watching high definition television. :O Until then . . . well, I have a lot of work to do. Good night.