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Articles from March 2008

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  1. Frakkin' pumped for season 4


    One week from now, we will be witness to a great thing. The premiere of the fourth and final season of Battlestar Galactica. This is the sort of thing you'll tell your children about. Even if you don't watch it now, you'll want to retcon your memories so you can claim you were always a fan.

    Why is BSG great? Because it's the only science fiction show that isn't a science fiction show. Unlike

  2. The tenuous nature of freedom


    Many of us are lucky to live in a country that allows us to claim "freedom"--freedom of expression, freedom from persecution, freedom to assemble, protest, etc. Sometimes we take that freedom for granted. Sometimes, we forget that most of the world doesn't share this precious resource--or if they do, it comes with strings attached.

    I've been watching the situation in Tibet unfold over the past several days. And I can't help but think: that could…

  3. It's that time again


    Yesterday marked the 3 week countdown to the end of the term. After that I have 4 exams, and then I am officially done my first year of university! :arr: It's a strange feeling. I'm hard at work on my end-of-term assignments: an English essay, a book review for sociology, a small Rhetoric essay, and my regular math assignments. Those are going pretty well. I'm almost finished the rough draft of my English essay; I…

  4. Contact


    You're scanning a room full of people. Suddenly, there it is. Your eyes have caught those of another person, maybe someone far across the room. For a moment, you stare at each other. You wonder: is he staring at me? Am I staring at her? Which one of us started this? Then, just as quickly, you lose focus. You resume your scanning. The moment you shared collapses in on itself, and the night goes on.

  5. Such a franchise junkie


    Stargate: The Ark of Truth came out on DVD today, so I went right to Future Shop after class to buy it. Yes, MGM tells me to buy something, and I buy it. I am such a franchise junkie.

    Obligatory spoiler warning here. Read more and feel the wrath of the Ori--oh wait....

    I'm so satisfied. It took ten years to get here, but every step of the way was totally worth it. I…