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Headshot of me wearing red lipstick Kara Babcock

Rhythm? What's that?

I woke up today to Lauren knocking on my door, telling me that her mom wanted me to go see a doctor about my eye. -_- So against my will I acquiesced, although I'll admit it's probably for the best anyway. I went to see an optometrist, Dr. Henry, who was very nice. He gave me free samples of eye drops and an ointment and said that if I needed a follow-up visit next week, he wouldn't charge me for it. So I survived my foray into the American healthcare system. :P

Later that evening, Lauren had some of her friends over for a games night. We played Taboo with Nisha and Jessica--I've never played that before, but I really enjoyed it. I got to listen to lots of fun stories from Jessica too. :D Michelle, whom I met yesterday, arrived about twenty minutes later. She joined us for a second game of Taboo, then we went downstairs to play DDR. Now, I'm exceptionally bad at DDR. I'm not great at much in life, and DDR--or any form of dancing, actually--ranks pretty high on this list. Part of it is a distinct lack of regular practice; if I actually bothered to acquire a proper DDR game and practised regularly, I could probably pick up some reasonable skill. In general though, I just lack rhythm. So when Lauren tried to teach us the electric slide afterward, I got absolutely lost. :francis:

Nevertheless, I had a good time. It was probably the most sociable I had to be in a long time, and I'll be stretching that comfort level more tomorrow, when I go to the birthday/graduation party of one of Lauren's friends. I'm not entirely sure this much human interaction is good for me. I'm sure that other people can handle it. But it's like alcohol tolerance. Some people can hold their social interaction better than others. And now I've gone off on a tangent and I don't remember what I was talking about....

Oh yes, now I remember: about the existence of Sasquatch.... I think it's possible for such a cryptid to have survived for such a long time and gone undetected. Possible, but not probable. We've inhabited the New World for about what, 20,000 years now? And in all that time, the best we can come up with are some footprints and the world's first YouTube video?

Now, if Sasquatch is real and intelligent, I could totally see it intentionally hiding its existence from us, then laughing as we try to figure it out. I could even see it staging the Patterson-Gimlin film for its amusement. It's probably in some sort of secret Cryptid Society that meets once a week, where it and Elvis and Nessie play poker and share stories of how they toy with the rest of we humans.

The fact that apes rose to sentience on this planet must be some sort of great big cosmic joke ... and humanity is the punchline.