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  1. Rhythm? What's that?


    I woke up today to Lauren knocking on my door, telling me that her mom wanted me to go see a doctor about my eye. -_- So against my will I acquiesced, although I'll admit it's probably for the best anyway. I went to see an optometrist, Dr. Henry, who was very nice. He gave me free samples of eye drops and an ointment and said that if I needed a follow-up visit next week,…

  2. Danger: Low ceiling


    Windows Vista does not like the adapter that I bought with my dance mat, so I ordered a new adapter online (thanks Laura!) that's better. It arrived last week and I got my dance mat working, which means I can now play StepMania! Plus I bought an RF modulator to hook up my computer to the big TV upstairs (because the TV is too old and has no S-video port!). This morning I went…

  3. Start the revolution


    As you previously heard, I fell in love with Dance Dance Revolution the first time that I played it, on New Year's Eve. Since then I have been plotting to acquire my own game. I don't have a PlayStation 2, however (or any sort of gaming console with DDR on it), and buying one just to play DDR would not have been ideal.

    Enter StepMania! StepMania is a free and open-source rhythm game that…

  4. Happy New Year (from United Airlines)


    The clock hit midnight and we watched Dick Clark (who is still alive, yes) kiss someone on national television. In order to get this "pretty picture" out of our mind, we (my friends Laura and Rhiannon--we were playing DDR and watching movies) came up with the insane idea of phoning our former English teacher, Ms. Sukalo, who currently resides in the Big Apple.

    So Laura dug out a phone card and we attempted to reach…