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Danger: Low ceiling

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Windows Vista does not like the adapter that I bought with my dance mat, so I ordered a new adapter online (thanks Laura!) that's better. It arrived last week and I got my dance mat working, which means I can now play StepMania! Plus I bought an RF modulator to hook up my computer to the big TV upstairs (because the TV is too old and has no S-video port!). This morning I went to play some StepMania and discovered that I had to move my dance mat closer to the TV. This is not because I have poor eyesight (which I do) or I couldn't hear the music (which I could). No, it's because where the mat was originally positioned, if I jumped my head would hit the ceiling fan. :ph34r:

So much for that. :D I'm tall, and the ceiling is low, which means I need to be more careful!

In other news, I've started tinkering with OOP in PHP. I've often had trouble grasping OOP, but I finally wrapped my head around some aspects thanks to PHP 101: The Bear Necessities. Several concepts continue to elude me, so I'm hoping that I never have to use them. :angel: I'll figure it all out one day. . . .

My code benefits from this change. It's good timing too, since the PHP group has announced that it will be ending support for PHP 4 at the end of this year. So I'm packing my bags and moving to PHP 5! :D This means that I've stopped working on VSNS Lemon 3.3. Instead, I'm coding VSNS Lemon 4.0! It will be recoded from scratch using OOP to make it faster and more flexible. Most of it's done except for the layout and a few little functions. VSNS Lemon 4 will have all of the features I promised in v3.3 too except probably AJAX editing, which I'm increasingly feeling is a bad idea. However, there will be a primitive search engine, live comment previews, and a few other goodies in there. ;)

Vanilla Guestbook will get a PHP 5 makeover sometime after. It is less of a priority since my guestbook isn't an essential part of my site, whereas this blog is basically the only new content on this site. :D Maybe that will change someday. But not today! I must go to bed.