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Happy New Year (from United Airlines)

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The clock hit midnight and we watched Dick Clark (who is still alive, yes) kiss someone on national television. In order to get this "pretty picture" out of our mind, we (my friends Laura and Rhiannon--we were playing DDR and watching movies) came up with the insane idea of phoning our former English teacher, Ms. Sukalo, who currently resides in the Big Apple.

So Laura dug out a phone card and we attempted to reach her several times. For the first few attempts, no luck. Busy line, "circuits were busy", blah, blah. Apparently everyone drinks and dials on New Year's Eve. Go figure. Finally, at about the third try, we get through! Success--or was it?

"United Airlines." o_O United Airlines? United Airlines? So I thought I had dialled a wrong number, and hang up, too chicken to say anything. Of course Laura pointed out that they had probably just said that as a New Year's (drunken) prank. We tried it again--line was busy. At this point, we wanted to check that we had the number right. We went on an epic quest, first confirming the area code, then confirming it was not the number of United Airlines. Boy were we dumb. Lastly, we looked up the phone number in the white pages and it was a cell phone. So we tried again.

Fifth try got us United Airlines again. This time we weren't giving up. I gallantly surrendered the phone to Rhiannon, who has more pluck than me, and she asked in succession these question three: "Where are you located?" (New York City). "What is your address?" (We have it right here... one moment.) "What's your phone number?"

At this point, we were hearing hushed voices in the background. Then suddenly someone (hello, Ms. Sukalo) burst out laughing and the voices were no longer so hushed. We tried to elicit further response only to have the call cut out on us and get replaced by a busy signal. And that's where this tale ends. Or does it?

Well of course not, because I just have to take things too far. I fired off an email to Ms. Sukalo with contributions from Laura and Rhiannon, congratulating her on redecorating her apartment into an airline. And that's where we left things. I guess we'll find out tomorrow (or the day after that ... or the day after that--check your email, Ms. Sukalo). But it was an interesting New Year's diversion!

Speaking of which, I have fallen in love with Dance Dance Revolution. :wub: I suck at it, but it's just too hard to hate that game.

Have a happy new year. Speaking of which, if you haven't already heard, we've decided to give 2007 a miss, since it probably won't be a very good year anyway. I'm thinking a rerun of 2002 may be in order. Sorry for the inconvenience this abrupt change in the schedule causes, but I'm sure we'll all adjust soon.

Don't touch that remote.