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To the market today

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Lauren and I were feeling better today. We went back to her dad's house, where we waited for her friend Michelle to show up. In the mean time, I started reading Twilight, by Stephenie Meyer. Lauren absolutely loves this series and has been recommending it to me for some time; she's re-reading Eclipse right now. My friend Laura also shared her experience with it yesterday. Since my non-fiction book is kind of depressing, I decided I should read Twilight while I'm here.

Once Michelle arrived, we left for the North Market, which is an indoor market. The wares are mostly food, with a couple of booths selling cooking utensils and whatnot. We had lunch there; Lauren and Michelle both had Indian food while I tamely bought two slices of pizza. After lunch, we meandered around the Short North area for a little (alternatively substituting the meandering for walking, pacing, sauntering, and what-have-you). It reminded me vaguely of downtown Thunder Bay, if downtown Thunder Bay had wider sidewalks, more traffic, more people, and buildings built on overpasses. :wacko: We found this neat little store called Loot, which was home to much eclectic merchandise. Lauren bugged Michelle with a black sheep puppet. I bought a cute little Beethoven doll that plays a piece neither Lauren nor I could identify.

We returned to the North Market to buy some pastries for dessert. I got a custard Napoleon, Michelle got a strawberry torte, and Lauren bought an Amadeus torte (very chocolatey) for her dad and an "Omega cake", which was a cake and buttercream all covered in hardened chocolate, for herself. We saved these pastries for later, so I bought a waffle cone, with a scoop of raspberry sorbet and passionfruit yogurt, to satisfy my immediate craving for sugar. We rendezvoused with Michelle's mom outside the market--she and Michelle were going to a talk in the area, so it was convenient for them that Michelle had joined us for our expedition. Lauren and I went back home.

Lauren's gotten me watching Grey's Anatomy now. I already watch House, which is also set in a hospital, although I mostly watch that because of Hugh Laurie's humourous acting. Grey's Anatomy is more like a train wreck in progress--you watch because things are so messed up. I've only seen about four or five episodes, but I've enjoyed those.

Tomorrow Lauren's having friends over in the evening to play board games. I've organized my Ohio photos on Flickr as a special set, so you can keep tabs on them through that link. Hopefully I'll finish VSNS Lemon soon so I can work on redesigning my site. One of the things I want to do is pull photos from my Flickr account onto my site, so I can display them as a "gallery" in my site but keep them hosted and organized on Flickr.