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I am done

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Tuesday had my last two exams. I'm officially finished my first year of university: no more homework, no more studying. :hyper: I have four months to relax. Or, you know, not.

I leave for Ohio in 15 days and have a ton of stuff I need to finish before then. I really want to finish VSNS Lemon before that happens, even though I'm not optimistic enough to think I'll have time to complete the redesign of my site. But that will happen. Stay tuned!

So how was my first year of university? It was good. Pretty similar to what I expected. It took me longer to settle into it than I had hoped; those first few months were somewhat rocky. However, by the end of the year, I felt more comfortable. Next year I want to work on my time management. My schedule this year was light because I took three online courses, one each term and then one the full year, which left me with a lot of free time each day because I wasn't in class at the campus. Next year I probably won't take any online courses--since nothing I need or want will be offered online--so I'll be spending more time in class. I'll have to keep up with the workload, especially because I hear education courses aren't difficult but full of work.

I'm so glad exams are done too. :D I go stircrazy sitting in the fieldhouse for more than hour; after that, I go from "doing well" on the exam to "just finishing so I can get out of here." Luckily with math, the two are usually one and the same. With English, my responses tend to start out long and then get shorter and shorter--which may not be a bad thing, as verbosity is seldom all it's cracked up to be.

But now I'm going to stop blogging and start coding. Don't worry--I have plenty of more blogging to do before I leave for Ohio.