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The back to school ads have landed.

Going back to university is different from going back to high school. For one thing, I'm not in school all day, so it feels like I have more free time. In general my schedule is more flexible. Since I'm in a fairly academic program, my school supplies are limited to notebooks, pens, and pencils. I can otherwise ignore the exhortations of sneakers, markers, pencil crayons, and whatnot. Give me something on which to scribble my equations, and I'm happy. :D

I certainly learned a lot in my first year of university; reflection on this knowledge has led me to make a few resolutions about this year. Firstly, I'm going to try and establish a more consistent schedule in terms of sleeping, when I do homework, writing, working on my computer stuff, etc. While I still need to be flexible, hopefully this will help me manage my time better. I have four math courses in the fall term, all of which will have weekly assignments, I'm sure. Compared to my two full-year math courses last year, this will make things more complicated.

Secondly, I'm going to try harder. I did well last year, but I could do better if I tried a little harder. For math this means taking better notes (I tend not to take notes sometimes :$ ) and really practising a concept if it gives me trouble. For English ... okay, I don't think I can really try harder in English and improve my grade. I won't brag. But English is much more subjective when it comes to grading assignments anyway. All I have to do is continue to produce insightful essays. Otherwise, it's for my own erudition (and the course credit).

School is still a month away, of course. The back-to-school ads merely got me thinking on the subject. I have my courses scheduled. The accounts office should send me a correct invoice someday, hopefully before I graduate. Now I just have to survive the rest of this summer, and it's back to robbing the Ivory Tower for me!