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  1. Much, much better


    :w00t: Went to tonight's Border Cats game! It was excellent. Final score was 7-4 for the Cats, and the game itself was fun to watch. The first few innings were slow, and the Lacrosse Loggers were up by 4. But we scored several times and were tied by the eighth. The bottom of the eighth was amazing: stolen bases, errors on the part of the other team, the type of runs that make you cheer…

  2. The countdown begins


    Only 12 more days of school left! :hyper:

    I can't believe I'm counting down, but I'm just that ready for school to finish. Things are going so slowly. The only class in which I really do much work anymore is French anyway, so I'm ready for things to end. This week should be easy, but next week I have a lot of extra-curricular activities going on, including a Black Light production and the school's Outsiders

  3. Spatial sense (get some)


    I'm helping out with the backstage portion of my school's production of The Outsiders. Today after school, we needed to paint a set of stairs grey as a piece of the set. The tech department had graciously attached a railing to the stairs (which are just white pieces of wood), and then deposited them on the stage. We planned to carry it into the drama room, which is relatively adjacent to the stage (separated…

  4. Math competition


    Today I participated in the TD Canada Trust Math Competition at LU. I went last year too, although it was at the college then because of a strike at the university.

    I don't think I did too well at the individual portion. Part of the reason was that some of the questions involved stuff I simply haven't learned yet. As for the team competition...I think we did reasonably well. Again, I felt a bit…

  5. Une excursion francaise?


    My French class went on a field trip today. We went to "Kingfisher Outdoor Education Centre". It's a place down near Kingfisher Lake where they teach students about biology and the environment and stuff, and it's a neat place to visit. Our French teacher, Mme. Ben Sari, arranged for us to take the trip so that we could practice our French (the guides don't speak French, but we could speak in French to each other…

  6. Driving


    I went driving for my first time today after Black Light! :|

    I didn't crash the car into anything, though, so we'll call it a success. My dad took me to a subdivision where there's no traffic. Basically I tried to get comfortable with the car--which still scares me--and get a feel for using the steering wheel, gas, brakes, etc. I bemoan my lack of spatial sense and find it very difficult to know just…

  7. Will do English work for a cell phone


    I've learned a life lesson today: People will give you cell phones if you take English classes.

    Go back and read that sentence. Yeah. Crazy, eh? You see, my brother is in grade 8 and shall be going into grade 9, so he has his option sheets for next year. He originally intended on taking several applied-level courses (if you don't live in Ontario, you probably don't understand this part, but you'll get the gist…

  8. Decision time


    I did say that I wouldn't make any decisions until 3:30. Well, it's 4:32 right now, and I already have a pretty good idea of how this semester will be.

    I finally figured out what the computer course is about: "Introduction to Computer Science". Basically programming and stuff. We're going to start off with Turing, then move into XHTML--but only so we can display the output from our final units, creating dynamically driven websites…

  9. School tomorrow!


    Tomorrow I go back to school. Mixed feelings, eh, which I kind of regret, since I want to like school. Westgate makes that incredibly difficult, however. The atmosphere is just not wubbly like it was back at FWCI.

    But I harp on that enough. I'm going into this semester with a fresh slate: no preconceived notions until 3:30 PM tomorrow. Then I can make irrational decisions if I want, but only then. Maybe it…

  10. Drama drama drama


    What a wild ride! Got up, ate breakfast, went to school, set up for drama. It was interesting, to say the least. I love the controlled chaos of setting up for a drama production. :D

    As you may recall, last week's drama exam was moved to this week.

    The order of the docudramas were: “Genocide”, “Hurricane Katrina”, “Life in the Fast Lane” (my group!), and “War for Peace”. They were all brilliant, considering that…

  11. So today basically sucks

    Published (Updated )

    I apologise for the language in the title, but it's rather fitting. I was all ready, all hyper, to do our drama exam . . . and then it was cancelled.

    Mrs. Vieira's apparently sick. I'm not angry; I've been sick before too. I'm just very disheartened, disappointed, and basically I feel like I've been punched in the gut. I was ready, and now I have to wait until next Wednesday. I don't even know…

  12. I'd like an extra-large rat, to go, please


    It was rat dissection day in biology class! (Tomorrow too).

    Yes, my friends, large preserved white rats from Boreal Laboratories shipped from Toronto to Thunder Bay for the use in our fun fun dissection.

    It was absoutely repulsive. :D Not so much the whole cutting into a dead rat part, I can stomach that. It was the squishy consistency of the internal organs and ugly colour of the liver that made me pause. That, and…

  13. How not to stop a bus


    Since the dawn of time, Man himself has puzzled over this very question. How does one stop a moving school bus? Well, take it from me: running at side of the bus wildly with a laptop satchel over one shoulder and a schoolbag over the other, waving papers in the air, is not the way to do it. Trust me, I know. Throwing oneself into traffic may work for Gonzo, but it doesn't work too…

  14. Semi-snow days


    The inclement weather, consisting mostly of snow, made the highways too difficult for the buses to traverse today, so most rural kids did not go to school. That's okay, small classes are good. Then, during period two, the principal announced that rural buses would be leaving at noon, so most rural kids who were at school left at noon (some stayed).

    So we didn't do much during drama (which was cut short by a drinking…

  15. What an awesome day, eh


    I had an awesome day. You can tell, because I only use the word "awesome" when I'm in a good mood, and then I tend to overuse it.

    It was raining all today and the rural buses were cancelled, stranding a few peers out in the country. Some got rides to school (whew . . . good thing too) but a few people couldn't make it. As a result, my English class was virtually barren,…

  16. Cabaret!


    Cabaret was awesome!

    My friends who were in it kept on insisting that it was worse than last year. Well, I did not go last year (nor the year before that, ad infinitum), but I'm sure they were pretty good even by those standards. It was non-stop fun, and by the time I got home, I was pretty tired. ^_^

    Muwahahahaha. Good job Neil, Cassie, Cortney, Vivike, Ally, Crystal, Robbie, Ricky, Andrew, and um .…

  17. I sicken me


    I don't like bragging. And I don't like seeming like an elitist egotistical person, even though sometimes I think I come off that way. -_-

    But yeah . . . I have 100% in biology class as of today. So unless I do fantastically badly on our mitosis / meiosis quiz tomorrow, my mark will most likely be 99-100% for midterm next week. Sickening, eh? :r

    As if I don't already attract enough attention in…

  18. Mmm . . . pie


    I got my laptop back last Thursday, which was great. It works way better now that they've replaced the broken components, and I can run Ubuntu without the computer shutting down on me. I should have blogged about it but I was too lazy.

    Hmm . . . what else. Oh yes, apparently we're doing Fifth Business in our English class instead of A Separate Peace. This is good because a) I've read Fifth

  19. Life in the Madhouse


    A bell rings, buzzing in your ear so that all you can hear are the people around you and its incessant tone. It stops, but already the pulsating mass of flesh around you is moving, struggling against itself as the herd becomes one and two and three—no, four! directions at once. The dynamics are on an impossible scale, yet you manage to cope anyway.

    Welcome to life in the madhouse. In some places, also…

  20. School starts, eh


    So, it has finally arrived. I think it can be summed up like so: I love school; I hate going back to school. School as itself is a tolerable entity, it's the process of reacquainting myself with school that's difficult. And the bureaucratic hegemony doesn't make it easier.

    That said, I found my homeroom easily enough (stairs, not so much) and waited the half hour left until school started today (they change the schedule, but…

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