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What an awesome day, eh

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I had an awesome day. You can tell, because I only use the word "awesome" when I'm in a good mood, and then I tend to overuse it.

It was raining all today and the rural buses were cancelled, stranding a few peers out in the country. Some got rides to school (whew . . . good thing too) but a few people couldn't make it. As a result, my English class was virtually barren, and we did zero work. After those wasted 75 minutes, it was down to the drama room to haul all of our stuff out to the waiting bus.

We went to an elementary school and set up in their gym. It was, frankly, awesome. I mean, everyone had their little mistakes . . . such as performing an entire scene out of order. :r But other than that, I think that the performances were all done quite well. Each group had its strong points and weaker points, but the kids, I'm sure, loved it. :D Good job, guys!

Now tomorrow we have to clean up and do the post-performance evaluation stuff. -_- Joy.