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And another one bites dust

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So the Liberal minority government has fallen (and not even mightily), thus the polls shall open soon and the election bells will toll alongside the yuletide ones.

It's not very unexpected, eh. I mean, we've known for the past few weeks that a non-confidence motion was going to happen. We've known that the Bloc, NDP, and Conservatives would team up to defeat the Liberals. There was very little doubt.

Then it actually happens.

It was kind of cool to watch it; I've never actually "watched" a non-confidence motion before. :D All the MPs stood up and their names were called out, it is all very ritualistic and fascinating. Just not surprising. :no:

Being too young to vote, I can only gripe and rant, but I like to think I do that well. Let's just say that I'm disappointed with Paul Martin. I liked the Liberals! Or, at least, I liked their ideology! And they have to go off and ruin the government with their poor leadership and management! Leaving responsible, liberal people like myself with an unpalatable choice to make. Do we continue to support the old, corrupt leadership? Or do we support a new, corrupt leadership.

I do not want to have the say the words "Stephen Harper" immediately after the titles "Right Honourable" or "Prime Minister". :fear: I'd rather have Jack Layton as Prime Minister, eh. But really, I say the Liberals need better leaders to . . . well, lead them. Jean didn't work out, and now Paul doesn't look too attractive anymore either.

This is why Mr. Pilot should run for politics. Most of you don't know who Mr. Pilot is. He taught my history and geography. He's funny, but more importantly, he is blatantly direct to the point of offensive sometimes. He is not afraid to say something he means, even if it may not be what a person wants to hear. He'd at least end the ceaseless rhetoric on the Hill. :r

If it comes down to it though, I would much rather have Paul Martin as Prime Minister than Mr. Harper. But it's not like I can actually vote or anything.