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The countdown begins

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Only 12 more days of school left! :hyper:

I can't believe I'm counting down, but I'm just that ready for school to finish. Things are going so slowly. The only class in which I really do much work anymore is French anyway, so I'm ready for things to end. This week should be easy, but next week I have a lot of extra-curricular activities going on, including a Black Light production and the school's Outsiders production--on the same day! :o

Baseball game tomorrow. First one of the season.

Vanilla Guestbook goes nicely. This weekend's goal was to skin it. I will give you guys a preview of it quite soon--it is not the world's best skin, but it is okay. (Think of it as incentive to customize it for your site :D ). I'm just finalizing a few features and then it needs documentation and smilies! Which means that if you can make smilies, please send me an e-mail or otherwise contact me! I would be much obliged, because graphics aren't my strong suit.