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Drama drama drama

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What a wild ride! Got up, ate breakfast, went to school, set up for drama. It was interesting, to say the least. I love the controlled chaos of setting up for a drama production. :D

As you may recall, last week's drama exam was moved to this week.

The order of the docudramas were: “Genocide”, “Hurricane Katrina”, “Life in the Fast Lane” (my group!), and “War for Peace”. They were all brilliant, considering that we hadn't practiced them for a week. Every group had its share of mistakes (such as me forgetting to do portions of a chase scene) but every group had its strong points too. I think that, visually, “Genocide” was the most effective. They had an awesome array of visual icons. “War for Peace” presented the most meaningful message (all of the topics are meaningful, but I loved how they used “In Flander's Fields” for one portion; it was quite moving). “Hurricane Katrina” had awesome music! And my group, aside from the great chase scene, had the benefit of being a slightly lighter topic—not necessarily in nature, but in the way we presented it.

Overall I think it worked out wonderfully. Cleaning up wasn't that bad either. Now I just have to wonder what I got for a mark. :D

I'll put pictures up later. They mostly didn't turn out well because of the lighting, so there's a lot of glare on my classmates' eyes, and I'm too lazy to do some glare removal right now. :yawn: Eventually.

Thanks to Dave for doing the curtains, Vivike for doing the slideshow stuff, Cora for the lighting, and Mrs. Vieira did the sound.

The entire class was awesome. I'm going to miss drama next semester, because it was without a doubt the best part of this year.