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So today basically sucks

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I apologise for the language in the title, but it's rather fitting. I was all ready, all hyper, to do our drama exam . . . and then it was cancelled.

Mrs. Vieira's apparently sick. I'm not angry; I've been sick before too. I'm just very disheartened, disappointed, and basically I feel like I've been punched in the gut. I was ready, and now I have to wait until next Wednesday. I don't even know what time. :(

It wouldn't be so bad if we weren't so disorganised. The groups were running around today, snapping at each other, trying to get things done, even with Mrs. Vieira absent. My group is pretty well organised, but I still feel very uneasy. If we had more guidance, if we knew when our exam might be, that would be better. :/

And I got an 88% for our group English seminar on The Plague. Apparently it was "too complicated" for our audience; we should have "simplified" it. :rolleyes:

So I didn't have a good day today. But it was the last day of the semester, so hopefully the week will improve.