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I'd like an extra-large rat, to go, please

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It was rat dissection day in biology class! (Tomorrow too).

Yes, my friends, large preserved white rats from Boreal Laboratories shipped from Toronto to Thunder Bay for the use in our fun fun dissection.

It was absoutely repulsive. :D Not so much the whole cutting into a dead rat part, I can stomach that. It was the squishy consistency of the internal organs and ugly colour of the liver that made me pause. That, and the fact that no matter how many times I wash my hands, it's like I'll never be able to get the smell out. Lady Macbeth: Out out, damn spot!

I was thinking as we cut into the musculature, "It's like one of those small cereal boxes with the flaps that you open up so you can pour milk into it." I didn't want to bring it up, however, because that would be gross—but another group member vocalised my thought.

Election night, eh. I'll probably do another post in an hour or two, and then one more after the results are announced.