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  1. Depressing


    Tomorrow marks exactly two weeks until the start of school . . . first day back will be right after Labour Day. Kind of depressing when I think about it, since it seems like the summer has gone by amazingly quickly. And no matter how much I do during the vacation, it always seems like it's not enough time to get everything done. Admittedly, it's probably because I like the hours: stay up late into…

  2. Crunchy tickets


    Lots of updates. Every day I say I'll write an update, then I go off and do something else. . . .

    Unfortunately, my school is closing. I'm understandably distraught. My marks are good though: 98% in all four classes, making a nice average of . . . you guessed it, 98%!

    Not much else to talk about . . . um . . . I got promoted today at InvisionFree Support. I'm now

  3. Dual booting my emotions


    Lots of updates (the site moved servers).

    I installed Ubuntu Linux on my computer. Now it is a dual boot Unbuntu/Win XP laptop. There are some hardware issues with the CPU and heating, but otherwise it is pretty cool. Ubuntu has almost everything that I need, including the GIMP and a functional word processor. I'm still a Linux newbie, but I'm learning as I go.

    School continues to wind down. The schedule continues to be…

  4. A very dramatic blog entry


    Well, there's been a few changes. I got the random quote up, although due to some FreeType library problems, it is in a text version rather than an image. Also, I've added a background-image, a starfield. It was created by me, using the GIMP and a convenient tutorial.

    To go with the starfield, I released a new logo. Those of you using Internet Explorer on a Windows platform will probably now be wondering why…

  5. Student trustee interview


    Interesting day, overall. I had an interview for Student Trustee, which is essentially the student representative who goes to the Board Trustee meetings. It was . . . awkward. I learned that the questions included with the application were for preparation only, and that I wasn't actually supposed to fill them out. I'm understandably nervous about what sort of impression I made. Either way, I think I will be happy with the outcome: if I…

  6. Doctor Who?


    I watched the CBC's premiere of the BBC's new Doctor Who series last night. Sadly, I've never had the opportunity to see any of the previous series, but I do think this one is . . . okay. I haven't really seen a lot of British television before, so it was a little surprising. But overall I did like the storyline, if the episode itself wasn't that great. The teaser for next week…

  7. My school is closing. Again.


    This isn't the first time. In Grade 7, my elementary school closed, so I went to my present school (which is a 7-12 school) for Grade 8. That turned out to be a blessing in disguised, I quite like my present school. Due to the mismanagement of the Ontario government with education funding, and an unfortunate decision on the part of my city's board of education, my school has been slated for closure at the…

Showing 41 to 47 of 47 results