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A very dramatic blog entry

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Well, there's been a few changes. I got the random quote up, although due to some FreeType library problems, it is in a text version rather than an image. Also, I've added a background-image, a starfield. It was created by me, using the GIMP and a convenient tutorial.

To go with the starfield, I released a new logo. Those of you using Internet Explorer on a Windows platform will probably now be wondering why it has a blueish background that doesn't look very nice. Well, I explain that in a special section of my About page.

More mundane updates now . . . well, in school every class is beginning to wind down but accelerate as teachers hurry to finish things by the end of the year. Matters are further complicated by closure issues. In order to make more time for packing and moving, they cut our exam days to two, so many teachers are holding in-class exams.

In drama, we had our Drama Improv-O-Rama. It was awesome! However, I think that improv is more fun when we were not competing. Now I'm depressed because the school year is ending, and my school is closing. It would be not as bad if my school were open next year, but this means that I will never again experience classes at FWCI. Which is sad, because I've done more in this last semester than I did in my previous 1.5 years in high school.

Also in drama, we started our culminating activity, a miniature play (playlet?). I wrote most of the script, which my group then tweaked together. It's called The Five People You Meet in Hell, a pun off the title of Mitch Albom's novel, The Five People You Meet in Heaven, but that's where the similarity ends.