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VSNS Lemon 3.0.1 is released!

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I'm pleased to announce the release of VSNS Lemon 3.0.1, the first stable release of the 3.0 line of VSNS Lemon. It comes with a few minor bug fixes, as well as two additional options: you can now configure if the admin CP's navigation will appear as a dropdown box or an unordered list (whichever is easier to use for you) and you can also select the heading level for news articles. The latter option does not affect the size of the headings, but rather their importance in the document. For example, you might want to make them H3 if you have an H1 for your title, then an H2 for your "News" heading.

In related news, the news archives may not be functional for the next few days, as any specialized code to make them work was overwritten during the upgrade.

Download VSNS Lemon 3.0.1!