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School starts, eh

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So, it has finally arrived. I think it can be summed up like so: I love school; I hate going back to school. School as itself is a tolerable entity, it's the process of reacquainting myself with school that's difficult. And the bureaucratic hegemony doesn't make it easier.

That said, I found my homeroom easily enough (stairs, not so much) and waited the half hour left until school started today (they change the schedule, but not the buses!). Westgate isn't as different from FWCI as it seems on the outside, it has smaller hallways in my opinion and perhaps even smaller classrooms, just more of them.

School was over before it even began. The buses were going to pick us up at 3. My mom was coming at 1. I was done at slightly after 11. So what did I do? I walked home. It isn't that far a walk, just down one street for several long blocks. It took about 25 minutes, and I worked up quite a sweat. So for those of you out there who want to stalk me, beware that walking home from my school is possible, but not advisable.

My classes are as follows: * English * Biology * Drama * Physics

I don't know any of my teachers for this semester, but next semester I have two teachers from FWCI: Mr. Dubyk for Math and a computer course of some sort, and Mlle. Kukko, who shall teach me French for the third year in a row.

Even with only about an hour of school, I'm still quite burned out. I went to the bank to set up a separate account for university savings (this assumes I'll find a job). Well, being absent minded and culturally sheltered, it's not surprising that I forgot to bring ID. This resulted in about fifteen minutes of driving back home to get ID and returning to the bank. Fun fun. But I eventually got the account set up (even if their slow computers use Windows 2000!). Now I need to find a job.

My computer . . . is problematic. Unfortunately, it seems that the fan isn't pulling its weight and is neglecting to properly cool the rest of the computer. As a result, I've had to send it in for repairs (maybe they can fix my speaker problem while they're at it). I'm typing this from the family computer, which reminds me how small 800x600 resolution really is, and makes me grateful that my website is designed to fit in it.

I don't see this as a setback, however, but an opportunity. The only drawback is that I'm without my nice, shiny, portable, addictive laptop for a week. Other than that, it means many good things: my computer will work better, I can use it without it getting too hot, my battery will last longer, and I may even be able to run Ubuntu! So cross your fingers and smile.