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School tomorrow!

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Tomorrow I go back to school. Mixed feelings, eh, which I kind of regret, since I want to like school. Westgate makes that incredibly difficult, however. The atmosphere is just not wubbly like it was back at FWCI.

But I harp on that enough. I'm going into this semester with a fresh slate: no preconceived notions until 3:30 PM tomorrow. Then I can make irrational decisions if I want, but only then. Maybe it won't be so bad. I supposedly get a teacher from FWCI for two of my classes.

Speaking of classes, I have math, chemistry, French, and a computer course. I have no clue what the computer course is about--I signed up for it last year but have completely forgotten what it involves. So tomorrow will indeed be an interesting day. Everything is still really up in the air, of course, since my schedule could have changed.

Anyway I should get to bed, as I have to wake up in about seven hours and eat and go to school. I'm glad to be going back, even though the week could have been a bit longer. :r

P.S. Sorry if those leftovers I ate before going to bed were supposed to be your lunch, Dad. :angel: