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Cabaret was awesome!

My friends who were in it kept on insisting that it was worse than last year. Well, I did not go last year (nor the year before that, ad infinitum), but I'm sure they were pretty good even by those standards. It was non-stop fun, and by the time I got home, I was pretty tired. ^_^

Muwahahahaha. Good job Neil, Cassie, Cortney, Vivike, Ally, Crystal, Robbie, Ricky, Andrew, and um . . . anyone whose name I'm too tired to remember. :D

Yes, it's a Friday morning. I have school. And I'm dead tired. I think this will be an unproductive school day and then work after that. My weekend is also surprisingly busy, due to the fact that I have two unplanned excursions to go on top of the two I knew about. :ermm: Suddenly it seems like I've been catapulted from no life to a very busy life. . . .