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  1. Stolen from Laura


    Anyone in for some "audience participation"? :w00t:

    Okay, so Laura posted this on her blog, and told me to put it on mine as well. I normally don't like chain things like this, but why not? I'm thinking of having more contest-like participation things for those of you crazy enough to read me. :D

    Here's the deal: I want you to email me with a completely made up and fictional memory of you and…

  2. Semi-snow days


    The inclement weather, consisting mostly of snow, made the highways too difficult for the buses to traverse today, so most rural kids did not go to school. That's okay, small classes are good. Then, during period two, the principal announced that rural buses would be leaving at noon, so most rural kids who were at school left at noon (some stayed).

    So we didn't do much during drama (which was cut short by a drinking…

  3. And another one bites dust


    So the Liberal minority government has fallen (and not even mightily), thus the polls shall open soon and the election bells will toll alongside the yuletide ones.

    It's not very unexpected, eh. I mean, we've known for the past few weeks that a non-confidence motion was going to happen. We've known that the Bloc, NDP, and Conservatives would team up to defeat the Liberals. There was very little doubt.

    Then it actually happens.


  4. What an awesome day, eh


    I had an awesome day. You can tell, because I only use the word "awesome" when I'm in a good mood, and then I tend to overuse it.

    It was raining all today and the rural buses were cancelled, stranding a few peers out in the country. Some got rides to school (whew . . . good thing too) but a few people couldn't make it. As a result, my English class was virtually barren,…

  5. Open wide...


    I had to go to the dentist today. waits for all the sympathetic hugs to pour in. :'(

    Thanks. :D It wasn't as bad as I thought it could be; I don't have any cavities. But I do need to brush better and floss more. I know this, and I have no good excuse for not having shiny white teeth. It just doesn't happen that way. :no:

    I can never decide which is worse: the…

  6. Surprise!


    I can't stop saying how wonderful Cabaret was, because it was . . . wonderful. I loved every minute of it, and was sad to see it end. Two of the best nights of my life.

    Anyway, to continue my pageantry of a busy weekend (I have no clue if that last sentence made any sense whatsoever), I went to the surprise birthday party for my friend. It was great. We had this "video scavenger…

  7. Cabaret!


    Cabaret was awesome!

    My friends who were in it kept on insisting that it was worse than last year. Well, I did not go last year (nor the year before that, ad infinitum), but I'm sure they were pretty good even by those standards. It was non-stop fun, and by the time I got home, I was pretty tired. ^_^

    Muwahahahaha. Good job Neil, Cassie, Cortney, Vivike, Ally, Crystal, Robbie, Ricky, Andrew, and um .…

  8. Canadian? Yes. Proud? Sometimes.


    There are times when I think I need a scale. On the far right end, at about 100 or so, there's Canadians like Stephen Lewis, who make me proud to be Canadian.

    On the far left end, at about -100 or so, there's Canadians like Andrew Uitvlugt, mayoral candidate for Kelowna, B.C., who wants to offer crack to homeless people who will pick up garbage! His idea being to reward them with crack, hoping…

  9. Life's an adventure


    You think that driving near a bus is scary? Try being on a bus. :fear: I just noticed today that buses are big, heavy machines that are too large for most streets, and that you need to be insane to operate one. (Of course, this is true for any piece of modern equipment. I'm insane for even typing this under the delusion that someone will read it.)

    I thought of a cool new design for…

  10. Six hours


    There's such a thing as "too much of the CBC". That is what I learned today. :D

    I went into work for six hours (because the pay is lucrative but I find it difficult to work for any large amount of time due to the fact I have "school" ). From noon until six today, I mostly sat down in the basement of the Chapples Building and carefully sorted paper from paperclips, the former…

  11. We remember


    I remember a lot of things. It comes with having a brain whose neurology is more complex than the fastest supercomputer. It comes with having a mind that can look up into the stars and wonder why we're here. It comes with those little packs of Smarties you get at Hallowe'en.

    Today is Remembrance Day, so I figured I should post something about that before I continue my little existence on this small planet as…

  12. CBC News: The Hour


    So CBC News: The Hour had its season premiere tonight. I loved this show, and I still do. I have been waiting all summer for it to come back, because I can finally watch something each night and get up to date on all that "news" stuff happening in our world.

    They changed the format a bit . . . and the guy working the cues needs to pay more attention to which buttons he…

  13. I sicken me


    I don't like bragging. And I don't like seeming like an elitist egotistical person, even though sometimes I think I come off that way. -_-

    But yeah . . . I have 100% in biology class as of today. So unless I do fantastically badly on our mitosis / meiosis quiz tomorrow, my mark will most likely be 99-100% for midterm next week. Sickening, eh? :r

    As if I don't already attract enough attention in…

  14. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince


    I decided to be kind and not call this post "Harry Potter and the Half-Baked Prince." That might have been too strong.

    I don't know many people who have not read the book and not read spoilers, but if you don't want the surprises to be ruined, you can turn back now.


    You see, I think that book 6 of the Harry Potter series was not as good when stacked up against its predecessors.…

  15. Happy Hallowe'en!


    I had a pretty good Hallowe'en. After work, I went over to a friend's house for a party and had a really good time. I caught the tail end of Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail, saw Shaun of the Dead, and then we watched the beginning to Monty Python's Life of Brian twice (because two friend came in late, so we restarted that movie, but then everyone had to…