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CBC News: The Hour

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So CBC News: The Hour had its season premiere tonight. I loved this show, and I still do. I have been waiting all summer for it to come back, because I can finally watch something each night and get up to date on all that "news" stuff happening in our world.

They changed the format a bit . . . and the guy working the cues needs to pay more attention to which buttons he (or she) is pressing and when. :D So while I mourn the loss of last season's opening music, I think this season will grow on me.

So to start of the season, I shall now blog about politics!

One of the things I've always found interesting about Canadian politics is the fact that, especially with a minority government, our government is technically always on the verge of "collapse." In the U.S., you vote someone into the White House as president and they stay there for four years. In Canada, Paul Martin has been struggling to stay in power within the last year alone. rolleyes

Now, to change the tune about, how about that Gomery Report, eh? I actually liked Jean Chrétien better than Paul Martin, because at least you couldn't understand when he was a lying and when he was being incomprehensible. However, his latest reactions to the Gomery Report are blatantly selfish and just goes to show that the public really doesn't have any power. :-/

What's the point of setting up a public inquiry if you're just going to do what you want after the results are delivered anyway?

Canadian politics. So much more interesting than your average politics, because we spell colour with a u.