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  1. Why the Vinyl Cafe is very Canadian

    A week ago Thursday, I went to see The Vinyl Cafe live at our auditorium. But because I've been busy doing other things--i.e., homework--I haven't bothered blogging about it until now.

    I love The Vinyl Cafe, and nothing beats going to see it live. I went the last time the show was in Thunder Bay, two years ago, and I'll go when it comes back in two years. Until then, I'll continue listening to the show in podcast form and nurse my lovely swag, which this year consists of Secrets from the Vinyl Cafe and the Planet Boy CD, both of which I got signed by Stuart!

    The musical guests accompanying The Vinyl Cafe were The Good Lovelies. I love how The Vinyl Cafe gives play to Canadian artists, especially new or relatively unknown artists--I've some songs I really like from listening to the show.

    Why do I so love The Vinyl Cafe? We often define Canadian identity by negation (for example, Canadians are "not American"). Yet if I had to name something quintessentially Canadian, I would choose The Vinyl Cafe. Say what you will about what sort of programming the CBC is producing these days:…

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  2. Spark

    Lately I've been listening to CBC Radio's new show Spark.

    Some of you may recall that I'm not always fond of the CBC, but they've got something good going with Spark. It's the sort of show that would appeal to demographics that might otherwise view the CBC as stodgy and uninteresting. Spark's host, Nora Young, discusses the latest technology and technological phenomena with guests. Specifically, the show focuses on how technology integrates into and impacts our daily life. So even if you aren't a technowizard, you could still find the show interesting (and perhaps even informative).

    Take a look at the Spark blog to get an idea of what sort of topics the show's covered in the past. Even if you don't get CBC radio where you live, you can listen to Spark via podcast--that's how I listen, because then I can just put it on when it's convenient.

  3. Seven days later!

    Wow, that break went by pretty fast. So fast that if you blinked you probably missed it. I must say...I'm not all that enthused about going back to school. This saddens me, because last year I would be definitely ready. This year, as I've said in previous posts, not so much. So I won't harp on that here. This isn't supposed to be a rant, eh.

    I've started work on Vanilla Guestbook's total rewrite. I have the installation functions done and am working with the signing functions now.

    I've also started book two--as in, the sequel to my novel. Originally I intended for it to be a trilogy, but lately a little doubt about that has been cast into my mind. Today at work I thought of a brilliant ending for book two! I'm really excited, because it has given me direction and inspiration. However, if I use the ending, it also opens up the unforeseen possibility of additional books before the saga reaches its conclusion. Maybe four, five--possibly even six. I'm open to the possibility--I was never locked on the idea of a trilogy; it was just a rough guide to start out. But it will require some thought.

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  4. Six hours

    There's such a thing as "too much of the CBC". That is what I learned today. :D

    I went into work for six hours (because the pay is lucrative but I find it difficult to work for any large amount of time due to the fact I have "school" ). From noon until six today, I mostly sat down in the basement of the Chapples Building and carefully sorted paper from paperclips, the former going into a container to be shredded. This humdrum existence was periodically punctuated by brief trips upstairs to return a full bin and downstairs with an empty bin. :yawn:

    By 5:30 I sort of ran out of steam. I had been listening to CBC Radio One for nearly six full hours by that time. A number of revelations flashed through my mind!

    You start to notice how often the host cuts off the guest by interrupting them. I started counting how many times the hosts would say "Okay," or some other acknowledgement until they had to actually step in and blatantly talk over the guest in order to end the segment. It's just like listening for people's intakes of breath before they talk, it's this…

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  5. CBC News: The Hour

    So CBC News: The Hour had its season premiere tonight. I loved this show, and I still do. I have been waiting all summer for it to come back, because I can finally watch something each night and get up to date on all that "news" stuff happening in our world.

    They changed the format a bit . . . and the guy working the cues needs to pay more attention to which buttons he (or she) is pressing and when. :D So while I mourn the loss of last season's opening music, I think this season will grow on me.

    So to start of the season, I shall now blog about politics!

    One of the things I've always found interesting about Canadian politics is the fact that, especially with a minority government, our government is technically always on the verge of "collapse." In the U.S., you vote someone into the White House as president and they stay there for four years. In Canada, Paul Martin has been struggling to stay in power within the last year alone. rolleyes

    Now, to change the tune about, how about that Gomery Report, eh? I actually liked Jean Chrétien better than Paul Martin,…

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  6. My letter to the CBC

    Subject: Canadian programming is dead.

    Dear CBC:

    I am an adolescent who enjoys watching much of the CBC's programming, including the wonderful show CBC News: The Hour. I know this may come as a surprise to you (I mean, you're governed by the Department of Heritage!) but yes, I quite enjoy CBC programming.

    Which is one of the reasons that I was extremely disappointed that instead of CBC News: The Hour, I was invited to watch Political Assassinations. Lo and behold, after an entire summer of anticipation, I am forced to wait yet again! Thus, I am urging the CBC to resolve this labour dispute so that we can get back to what you really should be doing, which is providing quality Canadian programming, rather than attempting to satisfy a fictional system based on arbitrarily decided amounts of numbers.

    I am quite frankly tired of everything being about money. We have gone, as Canadians, an entire season without hockey for precisely the same reason that we are now facing the worst shortage of Canadian programming in my lifetime. I would not like to see an entire season pass by without CBC News: The Hour.

    I had hoped that somewhere…

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  7. Blasphemy and sacrilege grace the CBC

    After my school board lets me down, my Minister of Education lets me down, and my laptop lets me down, I started to wonder what would go wrong next. It turns out that was a bad idea.

    The CBC is having some labour difficulties right now. Basically, the permanent staff wants the management to hire more permanent staff and decrease the amount of work they contract out. From the management point of view, it's cheaper to contract work because if they cancel a show, any permanent staff have to find a new job with another show, whereas contractors can just be let go. From the permanent staff's point of view, it's a job security issue.

    NHL Lockout, anyone? The stupidity quotients on each side are just about right.

    My real gripe is that it interferes with something I consider one of the greatest things since sliced bread: CBC News: The Hour. It's a new show on CBC Newsworld hosted by former MuchMusic host George Stroumboulopolos (I think I spelt that right). You may remember him, he advocated for Tommy Douglas on CBC's The Greatest Canadian. The show is blatantly targetted at a younger audience (which, for the CBC,…

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  8. Doctor Who?

    I watched the CBC's premiere of the BBC's new Doctor Who series last night. Sadly, I've never had the opportunity to see any of the previous series, but I do think this one is . . . okay. I haven't really seen a lot of British television before, so it was a little surprising. But overall I did like the storyline, if the episode itself wasn't that great. The teaser for next week does look interesting, so I'll be watching that.

    Hmm . . . well, I got to borrow hair spray from my principal today. Indeed, that was first. I made a propaganda poster for history class, and because I used chalk my history teacher suggested I spray it with hair spray to prevent smudging. Thus, I borrowed someone's hairspray (and the poster didn't smudge!).